Jul 23, 2024
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Radio Eclectic Esoterica

Since 1999 Radio Eclectic Esoterica has had a loyal following of music lovers whose taste did not fit into a format box. With its bluesy- rockin'- mellow- feel-good- kick-ass- laid-back- southern- americana -alt-country format, it's not for everyone.

But some of our friends told us there was too much this or not enough of that. We have responded with what we think you must agree is the most exciting development in our decade of internet broadcasting.

Instead of one station, we now have a full dozen stations to suit your taste and mood. Each one has a distinct flavor personality that defies labels and cross lines at every opportunity true to the Eclectic Esoterica tradition.

Radio Eclectic Esoterica

Eclectic Esoterica - The original. From 1999-2016 the mix was original and authentic.

LiveOne Stations:

Eclectic One - An extremely eclectic mix of rock, Southern rock, alternative country, blues and funk.

Beachin' One - Havin' a Beachin' time hangin' out and catchin' these summer fun faves. Wish you were here!

Blues One - Blues and Blues-influenced artists make up the play list of this funky little station.

Country One - Bluegrass, Newgrass, good grass, Alternative-Country, Country-influenced rockers, and outright Country highlight this Americana mix.

Hardcore Country One - If this ain't country enough for you, you can kiss my a**!.

Jammin' One - When you need a miracle and there is nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile, this eclectic collection of jammin' rockers is for you.

Jazz Fest One - New Orleans music rocks! New Orleans rocks! A fusion of blues, jazz, dixieland, zydeco, rock-a-billy, and funk, Jazz Fest One creates a gumbo that's sure to delight. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

One Hit Wonder One - This fun station features music from artists who caught lighting in a bottle once. Do you remember these one-hit wonders?

Mellow One - An eclectic mix of music from laid-back artists for your mellow mood.

Party One - Party-hardy mix with classic rock, oldies, 80's & 90's

Rockin' One - Rock-n-Roll will never die. Fifty years of the hottest rockers highlight this kick-ass mix.

Swingin' One - Tap your toes to the sweet swingin' sounds of the masters.